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Time Critical Air Shipments

When dealing with shorter shelf lives, we know the importance of getting your order to you as quickly as possible. Fortunately, shipping perishable food products abroad is our specialty. Our known consignor status enables us to pack your shipments on our premises, passing on considerable cost savings to you and ensuring your goods are loaded with integrity and reach you undamaged. Once your air bin is loaded, it’s taken to the relevant airport in our own temperature-controlled lorry, increasing accountability and cost efficiency within the supply chain.

Land & Sea: Pallet & Container Loading

Some food products are simply not suitable or cost effective to fly, which is why we provide a frozen, chilled and ambient sea container loading service. Whether you require LCL or FCL, or want goods 'hand loaded' or 'pallet loaded', we completely customize your shipment to meet your needs. Over the years we have developed strong relationships with numerous freight forwarders and shop around for the best rates for our customers. Our dedicated team will even calculate the total cube of your order and inform you if there’s any spare room for additional products. More products for the same freight price – that can’t be a bad thing!

Frozen, Chilled and Ambient Warehousing & Distribution

Enjoy the most competitive prices thanks to our 35,000 sq ft facility allowing us to purchase products in bulk. You also have complete flexibility when it comes to loading air and sea containers thanks to our pallet storage and picking service for our international customers. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about where residual stock is stored if we max out on cube or weight because your orders are completely customized.

Label Customisation and Value Added Services

Not all UK food brands commit to changing their labeling to make it suitable for international shelves. Using our state of the art printer we can create labels that are unique to your business and branding. Re-labeling services we have provided in the past include: translation (to meet the legal requirement of destination country), re-dating, promotional messages and bar-coding (for checkout and stock inventory systems). In addition to label modifications, we have also had bespoke packaging made for customers that wanted to introduced their own- label products.

Pallet storage, order picking and delivery services are also available to UK based businesses. If you’re looking for temperature controlled or ambient warehousing and logistics, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Bonded Warehouse

PAR Foods operates a bonded warehouse facility with a capacity of up to 200 pallets. This permits us to purchase beers, wines, ciders and spirits from all over the world and store it at our premises, suspended from UK duty. Our customers have the opportunity to add these products to their shipment and pay only the duty relevant to the destination country. Chin Chin!

Export Documentation & Health Certs

We’re here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you require certifications of origin (CO), Standard Shipping Notes (SNN), Certificates of Free Sale or Health Certs, we’ve got you covered. Export documentation tends to be a bit of a grey/dull area and the last thing we want is for your shipment to be needlessly caught up at customs. All export documentation is completed in-house by our experienced team who’ve been successfully exporting British food products globally for over two decades.

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